Some of the upcoming events

If you need a good party and want to go to an interesting events, check out the next suggestions we leave to you:
Workshop Bondage y Cuerdas
Date & Time: Saturday, July 01, 2017 ·10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Location: La gábia studi (Sant Joan Despi, Barcelona)
Cost: 90€
Moonburn Spank Party
Date & Time: Saturday, July 01, 2017 ·12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Location: Threshold Clubhouse 11300 Hartland St (Around Back), North Hollywood, CA
Cost: $10
Kennel Klub
Date & Time: Saturday, July 01, 2017 · 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: Bar Pop Canal St, Manchester M1 3EZ
Cost: Free!
Hitching Bitches strike back
Date & Time: Saturday, July 01, 2017 · 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Location: Dublin City centre
Cost: 10€

Top 3 Of The Week

This week we have a top dedicated to three videos most viewed, and the surprise is guaranteed.
And I’m going to surprise too, we leave the top 3 of the videos most viewed this week:


#1 Nina Mercedez sucks a hard cock

Nina Mercedez sucks a hard cock – powered by WeGoFuck

#2 Full amateur swap foursome

Full amateur swap foursome – powered by WeGoFuck

#3 Drunk party orgy

Drunk party orgy – powered by WeGoFuck


Have fun watching our top 3 this week and follow upcoming news.



3 Preferred positions of men and women

Preferred positions

Both men and women have more affection and pleasure with various sexual positions.
But will the tastes differ so much? Let’s check it out. Let us begin then by men more like:


1) Of four

This is the most preferred of all men, perhaps because it indicates a certain domination over the partner.
This position is to have the woman on all fours, while the man, leaning on his knees, penetrates. Of course all this is extreme domination to the man, and they love to be rulers.


2) Missionary

Also known as “Mummy and Daddy” is the second preferred position of men.
Consists of: the woman lies down belly up while the man lies on top of her, penetrating her, forming a perfect fit.
Once again the domination is present.


3) Deep Stud

This position requires some flexibility, but there are men who love certain stunts.
This position implies that the woman put your legs over the shoulders of the man while he penetrates.
You must have some strength to support the weight of the legs raised. This is a position that allows for deep penetration.


After 3 positions favorites among men, we came to the conclusion that they like to be rulers and Control Act.
Are women too like this? We will see! Let’s find out what positions more like women:


1) Missionary

To the man this position comes in 2nd place, for women it is the most coveted. It seems that the “Mommy and Daddy” is never out of fashion.


2) Of four

They also enjoy this famous position. And in the end makes sense: she is dominated, caressed and all the attention of looks at her. This stance excites the man, as it allows you to see the penetration.


3) She on top

And finally, the woman dominates in the third place. Yes, because they also like to handle the situation, and nothing like a beautiful ride feeling happy that get through the sensuous movement of the woman’s body.

After all the difference of sexes doesn’t differ much and doesn’t go very far to the rule. We conclude that between partners there is always some consensus and more pleasure provided.

June, LGBTI pride month

June, LGBTI pride month

It is celebrated on June 28 International Gay Pride day. This day is dedicated to the entire LGBTI community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people).
Throughout the world there are public statements of this movement.
Not wanting to be left out, We Go Fuck, come celebrate with the community this day who wants to show the sexual equality.
Gay videos are accessed frequently but are not be able to determine the gender that accesses more. That’s why we couldn’t stay out of this celebration.

Gay pride or pride LGBTI advocates three principles:

– It argues that people should be proud of your sexual orientation and gender identity;
– That diversity is simply a gift;
– That sexual orientation and gender identity are inseparable from the individual and cannot be intentionally altered.

One of the best known symbols is the flag with the colors of the Rainbow.

We leave places where information will be no gay parade:

– Madrid, Spain- June 23-July 2;
– London, UK- July 9-16;
– Berlin, Germany- July 22;
– Canberra, Australia- Oct. 28- Nov. 25;
– Paris, France- July 2;
– Vancouver, Canada- Aug. 6;
– New York City, NY- June 28, July 18-20.

See all in:

Men and oral sex in women

Men and oral sex in women

Several surveys conducted worldwide reveal that oral sex is a taboo for men. Although numbers are increasing steadily.
Compared to women, the number of men who take this practice seriously is extremely low.
We can conclude that there is a perfect gender inequality: men receive more than what they give.

Does this mean that women have let man dominate longer and are more passive?

Well, compared to Brazil, Brazilian women do not have a reason to complain, because studies point to a relative equality in this practice.

Men have a too prejudiced view of the vagina. They think the female sexual organ is “disgusting,” “dirty,” and “smelly.”
In fact what men can not admit is that they do not know how to give pleasure to women through oral sex. So they retract and do not do it.

There are several men who argue that the practice of oral sex is mandatory for women, being for them an optional situation.

Isn’t this a prejudice that should be eliminated? The woman has as much right to receive this delicious stimulus as the men.

There is no need to feel disgusted, each of us has its characteristic scent. The man sees oral sex as an obligation and the woman looks at oral sex as something impossible to enjoy.
Have you ever tried oral sex with your long, sensual girlfriend? It is good and makes the woman much more stimulated.

First you have to admit that you are not sure how to do it. And for that we leave some tips that will help.
Women are much more sensitive than men and need a lot more stimulation.
Sex without mutual oral sex is like traveling with blind eyes, arriving at the destination without knowing which way was crossed.

So start to get a comfortable position, do not hold back, touch and explore.

Don’t be afraid to smear yourself. Use and abuse of saliva. Women love that the tongue slides with greater gentleness.

It is very important that all this excite you as well.

Why use the tip if we can use the whole tongue?
The tip of the tongue is always more contracted, which makes it too hard. Use the surface of the tongue alternating with the tip and salive a lot.
Remember the tongue is rough and all this excites and much the woman.
Because it’s called oral sex, it doesn’t mean that you can not use your fingers. But ATTENTION, many men don’t have the sensitivity enough to know when they are being abusive and as women receive very little oral sex end up accommodating the situation, getting some discomfort and frustration. So if your partner isn’t adept at feeling more than a finger, for example, inside her vagina, then keep that in mind.
Another thing to keep in mind is with anal stimulation while having oral sex. There are women who don’t like it, respect it and make it have a fabulous time by not abusing that hole that for many women is sacred.
Many of them just let there be anal contact to please partners because it isn’t comfortable for them. But come the partner so enthusiastic they end up letting go.
Take care of what your woman likes and do what she really likes and not what for you looks good.
One thing that women like very much during oral sex is that partners look at them and show them how they are delighting. Do it without shame.
Don’t restrict to clitoris. The vagina is much more than that, explore all the nerve endings, touch her breasts, lick without fear.
Don’t be offended if your partner gives you instructions, because no one knows what gives she the most pleasure. Don’t be proud and respectful.
If your partner gives you oral sex and you don’t reach orgasm it’s like going to Rome and not seeing Papa. Oral sex is not just a preparation for penetration so go all the way and bring it to orgasm, no matter how long it takes. Another advantage of this is that you will not have to worry about the time it takes to ejaculate afterwards because you will already be satisfied.
Good oral sex is one that is made and received without restrictions. Think about it and suck your partner a lot. It will be hard rewarded.

Sex Toys

For many people will be taboo, for others a way to reach orgasm more easily.
But, what sex toys prefer women?

The sex toys are a good way to spice things up.
Yes, the sex toys can and should be used at the time of sex, aren’t just built for fun solitary.

We have a list of preferences:

  • Vibrator

There are various sizes, shapes and materials, ensuring different sensations.
The vibrator can be used in a masturbation alone or even to one sex. Is the preferred object of women.

  • Vibrator anally

The region is extremely enjoyable, although anally victim of many myths and even prejudice.
For many women, anally stimulation is the key word.

  • Clitoris stimulators

The clitoris stimulators are among the favorite women’s sex toys. They can be used alone or during penetration.
The clitoris is a zone erogena and only with some stimulation can reach orgasm.

  • Thermal Oils

Not exactly a sex toy, can provide an indescribable pleasure. There are numerous options for oils. Various flavours, textures and even colors.

  • Chinese balls

For women, this is one of the favorite toys, although not all women dare wear them, this toy offers also the possibility to exercise the musculature of the pelvic area.

Apart from this kind of toys, you can find a wide option of erotic games.
There are Exciting Balls: used during foreplay, a ball in the vagina and, over time, with all the excitement and the body heat, the ball pop inside the woman’s vagina and releases a lubricating gel.
Women guarantee that provides a much more pleasurable sex.

Also some people like Kamasutra data, to stimulate the various options in sex and is a form of the two parties entered into sexual intercourse to participate equally.
After all these options, we leave some more tips: there is also comestible lingerie and edible geis of various flavors and colors, all this can spice up an intimate moment.
For those who find all this a complete nonsense, an idea just to spend money, then what follows is for you.

Demystify yourself if you think that in a single relationship or stimulation people do not need any of this.
Women have a hard time reaching orgasm, and all of this can make that work easier.
In addition to stimulating, pleasurable, it also makes the person more confident of himself because it allows him to discover his own body and what excites him most.
But if you still reticent about this kind of subject, think: Is it preferable for your partner to play an orgasm? Or does not your wife have the right to feel the pleasure of having an orgasm?
Everyone has the right to pleasure, not just man.
Open your mind, experiment, encourage your partner to experiment, get out of the rut, and make the moment of sex or masturbation the most pleasurable you’ve ever had.

Women Vs. Pornography

A much-debated topic since the earliest times has to do with pornography, specifically pornography for women. Yes, because they also have a word to say about this topic.
This is an old issue because women are considered more conservative on this subject than men; in fact, there are those who argue that pornography was made for man, and that is something that dishonors the woman.
If is also one of the you think it, think again! Women are attentive when it comes to pornography.
Sex there is no gender division, and studies indicate that most women watch pornography once a week, while the minority is limited to two or three times a month.
New technologies revolutionised the ease of watching all the promised eroticism and women are fans of mobile devices. Whereupon they access more through the phone to adult content.
Who think women watch pornography to please fellas, you’re wrong; studies reveal that women enjoy much more seeing pornography alone.


Some say that it is something that degrades women, but what distinguishes them from men?

The woman, while being more sensitive, appreciates this type of “art” in a way that has only to do with herself, trying to discover and excite themselves with their own fantasies.


“Female orgasm is something strictly complex..”


Is the reason that women watch pornography is the same as men do?

Female orgasm is something strictly complex and often impossible for some women due to lack of stimulation.
They believe that enjoying pornography is just the way to go for the goal: orgasm. They feel stimulated and excited and say they make it easier.

The so-called pornography for women is the same as that produced for men, but with details that make all the difference.
In recent years, there have been numerous pornographic films known as feminist porn, made by women and for women, emphasizing the exploration of female feelings and pleasure.
The woman appreciates everything that involves fantasy, history, not the body of the one who gives it life. The narrative itself is the key to captivating a woman and holding her to the small screen.
Undo the myth that women focus on penis size: they don’t care the least about this factor.
Women want to see romance, eroticism and sensuality; This is what excites them, although the objective is the same: desire, excitement and finally fabulous orgasm.


Currently, women watch more pornography than the men themselves…”


But do they still have the term taboo or age appropriate for this type of “adventure”?

Studies show that women between the ages of 18 and 34 are more prone to this sexual concept, leaving the gender stereotype formerly part tax.
Nowadays, women have the right to pleasure. Pornography is already seen with other eyes and even the porn industry itself is already aware of the paradigm shift.
Currently, women watch more pornography than the men themselves, but there is still a certain taboo to the hardcore theme, since for them this theme is seen as too heavy pornography.
They like films that give them the will to experiment, and there are studies that report precisely this: she prefers lesbian films, fantasizing about being with more than one man: the so-called threesome, and thirdly comes a theme that for many women is the pleasure peak: squirt.
While men prefer teen, milfs and mature or moms.


Once this is done, are the genders so different? Or is it just another social issue trying to gain ground?
Women have been for many years prevented from living and discover their sexuality, so they must now have freedom to satisfy themselves in the way that excites them most.

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