Christmas fetishes – Merry Christmas!!!


Christmas fetishes

In this holiday season people are much more busy with the Christmas dinner, the clothes they wear on that day, the gifts to offer and ends up leaving private life aside. Sex is the weak part at this point and so you can sweeten your Christmas and make it much more interesting and exciting, we leave those that are considered the 3 most common fetishes among the population.
To begin, we leave the one that is considered the master of the fetishes:

1. Fantasy of the birth father or mother

Who never imagined a sensual Christmas mother, dressed in red, with a very short and low-cut dress, very sensual to transform Christmas into something even more special. Or a very sensual Christmas father, with well defined abs and a very naughty look. This is undoubtedly the greatest fetish.

2. Present bastard

Many people have the fetish of the time to receive the Christmas gifts, find a very unusual and naughty gift. For example, there are many people who fantasize about getting a couple of handcuffs, a blindfold, a whip or even a more sexual toy. All this gives an idea that the person who offers a wicked gift has a desire for the person who is going to give. It shows, in a way, an intimate interest. It’s good to surprise the partner, as an indirect way of saying that the evening will be fantastic.

3. Secret friend

Lastly, the secret friend’s fetish. Someone who is attracted and interested and who sends a gift to the applicant without identifying himself. All this conveys the sense of mystery and arouses interest in finding out who the secret friend is. Through this fetish, who achieves it manages to increase the libido of the other person through gifts like edible lingerie, or a ticket that says “Open later. To use later. ” All this moves the imagination and creates a much more exciting environment.

May these fantasies inspire you and make this Christmas much more exciting and special.

Merry Christmas!!!

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