Cuckold: The Fetish of Betrayal


Cuckold: The Fetish of Betrayal

It sounds like a rather aggressive word but it does exist. Cuckold means husband of adulterous woman. This practice is considered a fetish, usually masculine, which indicates a complex and erotic type of humiliation. Yes, it’s true, there are men who like to see their wife with another man.
It may seem strange, but there are men who take pride in giving their wife to another man, for it gives them the feeling that they have only the object of desire of other men, and that they only touch her with the consent of the “betrayed” husband.

The human being always tries to overcome himself and when the husband knows that his wife had other men, his own biological passion increases, because the husband tries to compete physiologically with the sperm of the other. The husband wants to always be better than all the other males who have passed through his wife’s life.

For this practice it’s necessary that there is an immense respect between the couple and the non-use of the subject in discussions, as there are many relationships that end in the frequency of cuckolding practice.

It is a practice that should be performed only if both sides are in agreement and at ease, and not just to do the will to the partner. Of course it is good to be open-minded to new sensations and experiences, but if you think it is something that will not do well and you don’t agree, then say NO and don’t act against it.
If you find the practice interesting, then try it and indulge yourself with the pleasure enveloped in this new adventure.

There is also the fetish of the woman who likes to share her husband, a threesome.