Men and oral sex in women

Men and oral sex in women

Several surveys conducted worldwide reveal that oral sex is a taboo for men. Although numbers are increasing steadily.
Compared to women, the number of men who take this practice seriously is extremely low.
We can conclude that there is a perfect gender inequality: men receive more than what they give.

Does this mean that women have let man dominate longer and are more passive?

Well, compared to Brazil, Brazilian women do not have a reason to complain, because studies point to a relative equality in this practice.

Men have a too prejudiced view of the vagina. They think the female sexual organ is “disgusting,” “dirty,” and “smelly.”
In fact what men can not admit is that they do not know how to give pleasure to women through oral sex. So they retract and do not do it.

There are several men who argue that the practice of oral sex is mandatory for women, being for them an optional situation.

Isn’t this a prejudice that should be eliminated? The woman has as much right to receive this delicious stimulus as the men.

There is no need to feel disgusted, each of us has its characteristic scent. The man sees oral sex as an obligation and the woman looks at oral sex as something impossible to enjoy.
Have you ever tried oral sex with your long, sensual girlfriend? It is good and makes the woman much more stimulated.

First you have to admit that you are not sure how to do it. And for that we leave some tips that will help.
Women are much more sensitive than men and need a lot more stimulation.
Sex without mutual oral sex is like traveling with blind eyes, arriving at the destination without knowing which way was crossed.

So start to get a comfortable position, do not hold back, touch and explore.

Don’t be afraid to smear yourself. Use and abuse of saliva. Women love that the tongue slides with greater gentleness.

It is very important that all this excite you as well.

Why use the tip if we can use the whole tongue?
The tip of the tongue is always more contracted, which makes it too hard. Use the surface of the tongue alternating with the tip and salive a lot.
Remember the tongue is rough and all this excites and much the woman.
Because it’s called oral sex, it doesn’t mean that you can not use your fingers. But ATTENTION, many men don’t have the sensitivity enough to know when they are being abusive and as women receive very little oral sex end up accommodating the situation, getting some discomfort and frustration. So if your partner isn’t adept at feeling more than a finger, for example, inside her vagina, then keep that in mind.
Another thing to keep in mind is with anal stimulation while having oral sex. There are women who don’t like it, respect it and make it have a fabulous time by not abusing that hole that for many women is sacred.
Many of them just let there be anal contact to please partners because it isn’t comfortable for them. But come the partner so enthusiastic they end up letting go.
Take care of what your woman likes and do what she really likes and not what for you looks good.
One thing that women like very much during oral sex is that partners look at them and show them how they are delighting. Do it without shame.
Don’t restrict to clitoris. The vagina is much more than that, explore all the nerve endings, touch her breasts, lick without fear.
Don’t be offended if your partner gives you instructions, because no one knows what gives she the most pleasure. Don’t be proud and respectful.
If your partner gives you oral sex and you don’t reach orgasm it’s like going to Rome and not seeing Papa. Oral sex is not just a preparation for penetration so go all the way and bring it to orgasm, no matter how long it takes. Another advantage of this is that you will not have to worry about the time it takes to ejaculate afterwards because you will already be satisfied.
Good oral sex is one that is made and received without restrictions. Think about it and suck your partner a lot. It will be hard rewarded.