Orgasm, How to explain it?


Orgasm: How to explain it?

Orgasm, be it female or male, is an uncertainty for scientists. Not all women and men feel the same way.
Although it lasts only a few seconds, the orgasm gives sensations that affect the whole body and however variable it may be, it has the gift of making the person relaxed and happy.
But what will be the difference in orgasm between men and women? How to know what is happening? Let’s clear up all doubts.
The orgasm is known as the pinnacle of excitement and pleasure and can last about 10 seconds for the man and 20 seconds for the woman. Of course this isn’t linear and it can may varies from person to person.

Usually women have more orgasms than men during intercourse, since the vast majority of men after ejaculating have a limp and soft penis, while women can have multiple orgasms.
There are those who say that they have tingles on their feet, which is like dying and resurrecting, but there isn’t a word to characterize the sum of pleasure.
Let’s just call it orgasm: the name that makes many women and men “visualize the universe.”
Give lots of orgasms.