Pleasure balls: A gift to give your soul mate

Pleasure balls: A gift to give your soul mate

We all know that women give too much importance to the foreplay and makes perfect sense to do so, because foreplay makes women feel more desirable and more aroused, which causes the vagina to begin to get wet.

Men don’t always have patience for foreplay that women really need and don’t realize that women without foreplay don’t have the same pleasure as there isn’t enough moisture and there may be some friction.
To make life easier for women and to make men even more enthusiastic, we present a toy capable of revolutionizing your sex life: the pleasure balls.

So what are these balls? We come to unravel this mystery. These balls serve to spice up sexual intercourse, providing much pleasure to both man and woman. They are nothing less than a sex toy, used, mainly to give pleasure to women. The pleasure balls, besides making the penetration more pleasant, smell and lubricate the woman. These pleasure balls are made of a gelatinous material, which when inserted inside the woman’s vagina, explode and leave it lubricated and have a very pleasant aroma. We talk about an object that does not cause pain or discomfort for the woman, because they adapt to the body.

It should be noted that these balls should be inserted calmly and carefully, as their insertion can cause pain, and we want to avoid this.
It only has a small contraindication: they shouldn’t be used with the condom at the same time because the junction of the two lubricants can cause the condom to break.
A super exciting, colorful and sensual Christmas gift. Your soul mate will love your daring.


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