Valentines Day

Sex on Valentines Day


Sex on Valentines Day

On February 14th, Valentines Day is celebrated as an important day for all couples, because they celebrate love. But what about sex? Yes it is true that this day is conducive to the occurrence of greater number of sexual relations.
On this special day sex should not be missed, not just to celebrate the date but to reinforce the feeling. Of course sex must be present in daily life but we still leave some tips to spice up and make this day extremely unforgettable:
Try BDSM: It’s a more hardcore way to have and provide pleasure, but there are more and more couples investing in this practice because the pleasure is completely overwhelming and unlike anything they have ever experienced.
Watch a porn or erotic film together: erotic or pornographic films often help warm the moment and excite excitement on both sides, making the momentum more intense. WeGoFuck has countless movies available to you.

Do sexting during the day: this is a common and very important practice between a couple. For those who do not know, sexting is the sending of provocative messages to stimulate libido.
Spend a few hours in a motel: pretend the relationship is a bit clandestine, as many were before. Book a motel room and surprise your guy. Use rose petals and body oils.

These are just a few ideas we have for you because we did not want to let this date go blank, but remember: Valentines Day should be every day and you should maintain an active sex life with your partner.
Enjoy the tips and leave us suggestions and feedback counting how your valentines day was.

Here is a help, videos that can warm up your day.

I also leave a list of some games that can be useful on Valentine’s Day:

Pleasure balls: A gift to give your soul mate

Wild sex? I want!!

Astringent: what is erotic?

Want to do a threesome?


The last one can be a joke for the more experienced, especially since we are creating a triangle in the day full of romanticism.