Sleep Natural Stimulator

Sleep: the stimulator of natural sexual desire

Sleep: the stimulator of natural sexual desire

All people go through periods of greater or lesser excitement, but studies indicate that exist a stimulator of natural sexual desire. You are curious? For it is a case to stay, for we are talking nothing more, nothing less than sleep.

A study by the University of Michigan in the United States and published in the Journal of Internal Medicine showed that women who sleep more or who prolong hours of night sleep have a more active and satisfying sex life.

Professional life is extremely exhausting, and this study has proven that women who always walk on a high level of stress are less likely to have sex, which can often lead men to seek sex outside the home.

Experts say that the secret of sexual desire is for the woman to walk calm, quiet and serene, because she will be able to feel stimulated and aroused much more easily. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? A good night’s sleep stimulates the hormones responsible for female mood and for that reason, it makes women more available for sex and to make their partners happier.

The same study also highlights that if you don’t sleep healthy you will not be able to reach a level of arousal that is satisfactory and can lead to female frustration.

That’s the WeGoFuck clue. But remember: it’s up to each couple to find their balance point to maintain a sexual life active and healthy, being in the age of new technologies, it isn’t easy to resist the pressures. And it’s also important to note that a good night’s sleep doesn’t work miracles if there is no connection between people. There must be desire and will and the rest will flow.

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