Swallow sperm? Curiosity about this fact.

Swallow sperm

Swallow sperm? Curiosity about this fact.

For those who don’t know, sperm or semen is a fluid that leaves the body of the man through the penis. The sperm is produced in the testicles. It may be strange or even seem unrealistic, but although there is still a great deal of prejudice in this matter today there are several men and women who use and abuse sperm for innumerable purposes, such as for hydration, for example.

The biggest taboo refers to the intake and for this we will leave here some curiosities, check it out:

  • If you think that having semen in your mouth will make your teeth whiter, you are completely wrong. This is one of the myths that many people believe.
  • The sperm has the same effect as the spinach in Popeye. As it contains high levels of zinc, it becomes a good source of protein, which helps in building muscle mass, giving more strength to the body. Despite this, there are studies that say that sperm is a good treatment for acne and that it can even improve the immune system.
  • There are those who refuse to have this substance near by odor or viscosity. Smells vary from person to person. One of the causes of the taste of sperm vary is the age of the sperm itself, for example, people who don’t ejaculate have long tended to have a semen of stronger taste. Another cause for flavor variation has to do with eating.
  • Did you know you can handle sperm to your liking? Yes it’s true. Drinking liquids with a high sugar level or drinking fruit juice will help the sperm to become sweeter.

Think positive: from oral sex it is impossible to have a pregnancy. Do you know that sperm have difficulty swimming until they find the ovum? So imagine having to go through the whole body. It becomes completely impossible.
After a few tips and demystifies we’ve done here, we hope you enjoy oral sex to the fullest and remember the benefits of that miraculous liquid.