Want to do a threesome?

Want to do a threesome?


Want to do a threesome? We give you some important tips to get started in this practice.

This is one of the fantasies that moves with both men as imaginary women. But does this fantasy can bring to a relationship problems? This is one of the issues contained in the head of those who are committed, but is still a taboo, should only be practiced with consent and submission of two parts, because having a third element in having fuck can interfere with self-esteem of another element of the same sex.
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Advice from a pornographic actress


Stoya, a pornstar who has twice won two porn movies, says that all women can be real bombs in bed, just knowing where to play and how to play, and how to play in that epic region for women: the penis.

Advice from a pornographic actress for women who want to surprise in bed!

According to her, the woman shouldn’t be afraid to talk about what the issue is, let alone be afraid to share what she likes most.
To guide the man, to indicate to him a way to go will excite him because of all the freedom that the woman gives him when sharing his desires and tastes.
Making sounds is also important. Have fun.

Who does not like a good tongue to pass over the body? Oral sex is something very much appreciated by women but according to this porn star, the one that you love most about having oral sex, is the best that you can do.

If you want to please your partner, skip the dessert, go to the room and surprise, the important thing is to enjoy sex.
Have fun, enjoy, relax and show all the pleasure your partner can provide.

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