BDSM – Another taboo, or just afraid to find out what it really is?


When there was talk in BDSM, a lot of people is reticent because you don’t know what it is.
But if we talk in bondage or masochism, the vast majority of the people are scared and even see the practice as taboo. Let’s then demystify the subject.

What do you mean, so the acronym BDSM?
(pensei num esquema tipo o que vai em anexo)

BDSM it’s one of the most common sexual practices, which for many is seen as morally incorrect and even taboo.
Is a practical yet very censored.
Is the provocation of pain or not to the partner, but don’t be alarmed, as it is only one more practice to achieve pleasure, and should not be viewed with extreme horror.
Can make me laugh implying a power exchange erotico.

ATTENTION: it is a practice that takes place with the consent of the participants. No one is required.


This term became more tolerant because of the famous movie “50 shades of grey”, in which the whole movie revolves around a masochistic relationship.
Those who practice bondage usually has the tie fetish partner, wearing handcuffs, ropes or chains.
Who the practice ensures that feels very nice.


We all know that this is a technique that consists of discipline someone or be disciplined, leading the person to overcome their limits.
Typically use spanking or beatings.


This term consists of exchange of power between the partners, in which the dominant is who likes to have the power and the dominated one that likes to feel that power.
The Dominator has the donduÁ„o and partner protection so you both have very nice.
One who is submissive is precisely that it feels nice to be dominated.
This practice includes tie, humiliation and serve on the submissive.


Sadism is known to be a practice in which one partner likes to cause physical or psychological pain on another.


It is precisely the opposite of sadism. Masochist is someone who likes to receive pain and sex of hardest.

At BDSM, various objects are used: ropes, chains, PVC and LATEX clothing, whips, eye sales.
Many couples opt for this practice to get out of the rut.
Don’t be alarmed, BDSM doesn’t cause danger to any of the parties, everything is consented, and we guarantee that those who practice it feel great pleasure and want to try again.
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