June, LGBTI pride month

June, LGBTI pride month

It is celebrated on June 28 International Gay Pride day. This day is dedicated to the entire LGBTI community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people).
Throughout the world there are public statements of this movement.
Not wanting to be left out, We Go Fuck, come celebrate with the community this day who wants to show the sexual equality.
Gay videos are accessed frequently but are not be able to determine the gender that accesses more. That’s why we couldn’t stay out of this celebration.

Gay pride or pride LGBTI advocates three principles:

– It argues that people should be proud of your sexual orientation and gender identity;
– That diversity is simply a gift;
– That sexual orientation and gender identity are inseparable from the individual and cannot be intentionally altered.

One of the best known symbols is the flag with the colors of the Rainbow.

We leave places where information will be no gay parade:

– Madrid, Spain- June 23-July 2;
– London, UK- July 9-16;
– Berlin, Germany- July 22;
– Canberra, Australia- Oct. 28- Nov. 25;
– Paris, France- July 2;
– Vancouver, Canada- Aug. 6;
– New York City, NY- June 28, July 18-20.

See all in: http://www.gaypridecalendar.com/