Masturbation: techniques to stimulate all women

Woman Masturbation

Whether it’s for pleasure or to provide pleasure to someone, this article was made especially for you.
Check out some advice we have left to improve your masturbation technique.

There are several ways to enhance pleasure. We leave some tips:

1) Massaging the clitoris when masturbation as if we were beating cookie

Using your index finger and middle finger, gently touch the clitoris, varying the pressure and speed of the movements. Enjoy.
All this done with delicacy will make a beautiful pussy well humid.
Keep the touch and you can even add a few short pats to excite your body.
At this same step, begin by inserting your fingers deep into the pussy, pulling them gently to the clitoris.
Keep moving and you will see that the moment will become harder and harder to resist.

2) Use your fingers outside

Position your index finger and middle finger on the outside of the small lips, leaving the clitoris between your fingers.
Make circular motions always with the clitoris between your fingers. You can use your other hand to caress the clitotis while stimulating it.
Change the speed and pressure and the results will be fantastic.

3) Penetrate with your own fingers

Without fear, simulate the sexual act, stick the middle finger in the pussy and make light movements in and out.
It isn’t enough to stick your fingers, you have to feel the lightness of touch, delicacy. Feel the pleasure of touch.
These tips are not only for those who enjoy good times alone, but it is important that the partner also learn how to masturbate the other person.

Now, use and abuse our tips and be a professional at providing pleasure.



Sex Toys

For many people will be taboo, for others a way to reach orgasm more easily.
But, what sex toys prefer women?

The sex toys are a good way to spice things up.
Yes, the sex toys can and should be used at the time of sex, aren’t just built for fun solitary.

We have a list of preferences:

  • Vibrator

There are various sizes, shapes and materials, ensuring different sensations.
The vibrator can be used in a masturbation alone or even to one sex. Is the preferred object of women.

  • Vibrator anally

The region is extremely enjoyable, although anally victim of many myths and even prejudice.
For many women, anally stimulation is the key word.

  • Clitoris stimulators

The clitoris stimulators are among the favorite women’s sex toys. They can be used alone or during penetration.
The clitoris is a zone erogena and only with some stimulation can reach orgasm.

  • Thermal Oils

Not exactly a sex toy, can provide an indescribable pleasure. There are numerous options for oils. Various flavours, textures and even colors.

  • Chinese balls

For women, this is one of the favorite toys, although not all women dare wear them, this toy offers also the possibility to exercise the musculature of the pelvic area.

Apart from this kind of toys, you can find a wide option of erotic games.
There are Exciting Balls: used during foreplay, a ball in the vagina and, over time, with all the excitement and the body heat, the ball pop inside the woman’s vagina and releases a lubricating gel.
Women guarantee that provides a much more pleasurable sex.

Also some people like Kamasutra data, to stimulate the various options in sex and is a form of the two parties entered into sexual intercourse to participate equally.
After all these options, we leave some more tips: there is also comestible lingerie and edible geis of various flavors and colors, all this can spice up an intimate moment.
For those who find all this a complete nonsense, an idea just to spend money, then what follows is for you.

Demystify yourself if you think that in a single relationship or stimulation people do not need any of this.
Women have a hard time reaching orgasm, and all of this can make that work easier.
In addition to stimulating, pleasurable, it also makes the person more confident of himself because it allows him to discover his own body and what excites him most.
But if you still reticent about this kind of subject, think: Is it preferable for your partner to play an orgasm? Or does not your wife have the right to feel the pleasure of having an orgasm?
Everyone has the right to pleasure, not just man.
Open your mind, experiment, encourage your partner to experiment, get out of the rut, and make the moment of sex or masturbation the most pleasurable you’ve ever had.