Women Vs. Pornography

A much-debated topic since the earliest times has to do with pornography, specifically pornography for women. Yes, because they also have a word to say about this topic.
This is an old issue because women are considered more conservative on this subject than men; in fact, there are those who argue that pornography was made for man, and that is something that dishonors the woman.
If is also one of the you think it, think again! Women are attentive when it comes to pornography.
Sex there is no gender division, and studies indicate that most women watch pornography once a week, while the minority is limited to two or three times a month.
New technologies revolutionised the ease of watching all the promised eroticism and women are fans of mobile devices. Whereupon they access more through the phone to adult content.
Who think women watch pornography to please fellas, you’re wrong; studies reveal that women enjoy much more seeing pornography alone.


Some say that it is something that degrades women, but what distinguishes them from men?

The woman, while being more sensitive, appreciates this type of “art” in a way that has only to do with herself, trying to discover and excite themselves with their own fantasies.


“Female orgasm is something strictly complex..”


Is the reason that women watch pornography is the same as men do?

Female orgasm is something strictly complex and often impossible for some women due to lack of stimulation.
They believe that enjoying pornography is just the way to go for the goal: orgasm. They feel stimulated and excited and say they make it easier.

The so-called pornography for women is the same as that produced for men, but with details that make all the difference.
In recent years, there have been numerous pornographic films known as feminist porn, made by women and for women, emphasizing the exploration of female feelings and pleasure.
The woman appreciates everything that involves fantasy, history, not the body of the one who gives it life. The narrative itself is the key to captivating a woman and holding her to the small screen.
Undo the myth that women focus on penis size: they don’t care the least about this factor.
Women want to see romance, eroticism and sensuality; This is what excites them, although the objective is the same: desire, excitement and finally fabulous orgasm.


Currently, women watch more pornography than the men themselves…”


But do they still have the term taboo or age appropriate for this type of “adventure”?

Studies show that women between the ages of 18 and 34 are more prone to this sexual concept, leaving the gender stereotype formerly part tax.
Nowadays, women have the right to pleasure. Pornography is already seen with other eyes and even the porn industry itself is already aware of the paradigm shift.
Currently, women watch more pornography than the men themselves, but there is still a certain taboo to the hardcore theme, since for them this theme is seen as too heavy pornography.
They like films that give them the will to experiment, and there are studies that report precisely this: she prefers lesbian films, fantasizing about being with more than one man: the so-called threesome, and thirdly comes a theme that for many women is the pleasure peak: squirt.
While men prefer teen, milfs and mature or moms.


Once this is done, are the genders so different? Or is it just another social issue trying to gain ground?
Women have been for many years prevented from living and discover their sexuality, so they must now have freedom to satisfy themselves in the way that excites them most.