3 Preferred positions of men and women

Preferred positions

Both men and women have more affection and pleasure with various sexual positions.
But will the tastes differ so much? Let’s check it out. Let us begin then by men more like:


1) Of four

This is the most preferred of all men, perhaps because it indicates a certain domination over the partner.
This position is to have the woman on all fours, while the man, leaning on his knees, penetrates. Of course all this is extreme domination to the man, and they love to be rulers.


2) Missionary

Also known as “Mummy and Daddy” is the second preferred position of men.
Consists of: the woman lies down belly up while the man lies on top of her, penetrating her, forming a perfect fit.
Once again the domination is present.


3) Deep Stud

This position requires some flexibility, but there are men who love certain stunts.
This position implies that the woman put your legs over the shoulders of the man while he penetrates.
You must have some strength to support the weight of the legs raised. This is a position that allows for deep penetration.


After 3 positions favorites among men, we came to the conclusion that they like to be rulers and Control Act.
Are women too like this? We will see! Let’s find out what positions more like women:


1) Missionary

To the man this position comes in 2nd place, for women it is the most coveted. It seems that the “Mommy and Daddy” is never out of fashion.


2) Of four

They also enjoy this famous position. And in the end makes sense: she is dominated, caressed and all the attention of looks at her. This stance excites the man, as it allows you to see the penetration.


3) She on top

And finally, the woman dominates in the third place. Yes, because they also like to handle the situation, and nothing like a beautiful ride feeling happy that get through the sensuous movement of the woman’s body.

After all the difference of sexes doesn’t differ much and doesn’t go very far to the rule. We conclude that between partners there is always some consensus and more pleasure provided.